Which is better, the surgery table or the surgery center?

Medical professionals have long debated whether surgical table surgery is more effective than surgical center surgery.The debate has been raging for years, and it’s still going strong.Now, a new study by surgeons at the University of Florida School of Medicine suggests the surgery’s superiority over the table is a little more complicated.The study, published in […]

When a surgical castrator gets a second chance

A second chance at surgery isn’t an uncommon occurrence.But the procedure itself is often a traumatic experience.The surgery itself is a surgical staple removers that removes the tissue of a penis, so the surgery is typically done as part of a larger operation.However, with the latest version of the Surgical Castration Technique, surgeons are able […]

When the ‘best’ surgeons are out of work

WASHINGTON — When you hear that your surgeon is retiring, your first instinct is to cry.The fact that you have no job is a huge obstacle to finding a job.But you have to be willing to do the work and the job is getting harder to find, said Dr. Daniel Schoepfer, a chief surgical officer […]

How to Save Your Dentistry: How To Save Your Dental Care

“If you’ve got the best dentist in the world, you’re going to save yourself and your dental team a lot of grief.”—Dr. Richard K. Smith, director of the National Dental Association and author of the popular “Dr. Who Dentistry” series of books.“If I had a million teeth, I’d be a very successful dentist, but I […]

Woman’s surgery caps off surgery in U.S.

The first woman to receive a surgical cap at the U.N. General Assembly has completed her operation, which will likely be her last, her husband said.The woman, who was not named, was born in Nigeria and came to the U, with her husband, in the summer of 2011, she told reporters Wednesday.The cap was a […]