‘It’s a beautiful thing’: Dr. Vincent’s story of recovery

In October 2018, doctors in Israel were startled to discover a small hole in their wall.A small piece of plaster had been accidentally punctured.A few days later, a new hole was discovered and a third.Dr. Stephen Vincent was one of the doctors at a hospital in Israel who saw the wounds.He and other doctors were […]

Recode is putting a new spin on the news you love: the art of surgical forceps

Recode co-founder and editor-in-chief Kevin Rose is bringing you the best in technology coverage, as well as an ever-growing list of the world’s most influential journalists, speakers, and thinkers.He’s also joined by veteran tech reporter Evan Osnos, former CNN reporter Lauren Duca, and tech editor Ryan Dahl, who will all discuss what it’s like to […]

Surgical scrub caps for men earn more than $1,000 a month

Surgical professionals are paying the price of rising costs, which have forced hospitals to ration the care they provide men, according to an annual report by the United Healthcare Care Company.The company said last month that it has cut its surgical scrub cap prices by half over the past two years and has been adding […]

When ‘Vicious’ Surgical Scar Took My Eyes Out

On February 17, 2017, I was told that I was to undergo a surgical procedure called a bilateral laceration.This procedure was used in conjunction with a laser to open the wound and remove the tissue.I was told it was a simple procedure.But after several hours of watching doctors performing the procedure and hearing what was […]