How to treat your sex addiction

You’re probably wondering how to treat yourself to sex without having to get surgery or having to give up your dignity.But this guide can help.If you’re struggling with your sex life, this is the place to go.Read MoreFirst things first, if you’ve got a sexual problem, you should seek professional help.Some people are attracted to […]

An app that gives surgeons an enhanced penis that looks like a surgical assistant job

An app for surgeons that looks and acts like an office assistant, but with enhanced functionality is currently available for Android devices.The app, which was originally released in India last month, lets users interact with the app via voice and gesture.The developers say the app will be available in the US and Canada soon. “This is […]

How to Treat Your First Surgical Emergency

With a medical emergency like a hemorrhage, an infection, or a broken leg, you may not have time to prepare.Luckily, there are a number of surgical options to help you get the surgery right, including surgical time outs.Surgical time outs may seem extreme, but they’re not unheard of.According to a study by the University of […]