An all-new look at the most powerful robot in medicine

Today marks the debut of the first of a new breed of medical robots, the all-in-one surgical robot.Designed by the robotics company, Paragon Therapeutics, the Scalpel and Scalpel Nano have a range of capabilities that include a precision scalpel and a laser-based ultrasound sensor, but it is the laser-equipped laser scanner that sets the two […]

When to get your tattoo removed? 5 reasons why you should not remove your tattoo

Posted September 13, 2018 04:18:20 When you’re looking to remove your tattoos, you need to be very careful.You should be sure that the tattoo has been removed correctly.A tattoo removal will result in pain, a large mark on your skin and a slight scarring.This is why it is recommended to wait for the tattoo to […]