Watch: The most interesting football stories of 2016

The NFL announced on Monday that it has removed the surgical mask cap from its player uniforms for all games.That means the Seahawks’ helmets will now be worn without the cap, and the 49ers’ helmets won’t have the cap on their helmets either.The move comes after a series of incidents involving the caps and helmet.Last […]

What are the medical skills needed to be a surgical nurse practitioner?

Nursing is one of the most commonly taught medical skills in Australia, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that in the current workforce there are about 30,000 nurses in the Australian workforce.As a registered nurse, you will be able to perform a range of tasks for patients, including managing their physical, psychological […]

Why a woman is fighting to save her fetus

In her hometown of Bhopal, India, a woman was being held by the state for refusing to undergo the surgical procedure she had been ordered to undergo in a local hospital.The woman was forced to undergo what she thought was an emergency surgery, only to be told that it was not needed.“I was very angry,” […]

How to Save Your Dentistry: How To Save Your Dental Care

“If you’ve got the best dentist in the world, you’re going to save yourself and your dental team a lot of grief.”—Dr. Richard K. Smith, director of the National Dental Association and author of the popular “Dr. Who Dentistry” series of books.“If I had a million teeth, I’d be a very successful dentist, but I […]

How to make the perfect surgical technologist

Technologists are among the most sought-after roles in the NHS.They’re highly skilled in the field of surgery and can help doctors with all sorts of complex procedures, from the insertion of blood into a patient’s veins to treating blood clots.There are a range of technical and scientific skills that you can learn from a surgical […]