When you can’t get a job, what you can and can’t do as a surgical technician

In a recent column for The Canadian Press, the Canadian surgical technician said she was unable to get a new job because of a medical emergency, so she decided to leave her job.“I’m working at the hospital and I can’t work,” she wrote.“The hospital is a big job that’s hard to find, and it’s stressful.I’ve […]

How Lincoln Hospital’s surgical assistant schools are helping to save the city

Lincoln Hospital is working with some of the world’s best surgical technicians to train surgical assistants to help manage the trauma and recovery from major surgery, a top hospital official said.The hospital has long struggled with staffing shortages, including in its surgical centers.But the hospital’s surgical assistants, which can operate on patients and treat wounds, […]

How to get your pinehurst surgical tech job

A new article on Hacker News says that if you’re looking for a surgical tech position, you should definitely check out Pinehurst.Pinehurst is a small, private surgical tech company in the northern suburbs of Toronto that is owned and operated by a couple of surgeons.The company has a growing team of about 60 people who […]

Surgical tubing and surgical tubing jobs for surgical tubing and tubing technicians

The new year is upon us, and with the holiday season fast approaching, it’s a good time to get back to your work.There are plenty of opportunities to work on tubing, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to be part of a tubing company or have experience in tubing, there are a few options […]