‘It’s a beautiful thing’: Dr. Vincent’s story of recovery

In October 2018, doctors in Israel were startled to discover a small hole in their wall.A small piece of plaster had been accidentally punctured.A few days later, a new hole was discovered and a third.Dr. Stephen Vincent was one of the doctors at a hospital in Israel who saw the wounds.He and other doctors were […]

‘We’re in the middle of a crisis’: How the opioid crisis will impact the U.S. healthcare system

Medical experts warn the opioid epidemic is set to push the nation’s healthcare system into crisis.The crisis is already threatening the nations health system, as the number of patients dying from opioid-related causes quadrupled in the first six months of the year, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The […]

What’s the difference between surgical specialty centers and surgical centers?

The term “surgical” has been used to refer to specialized medical training programs for many years.The term, however, does not refer to a specific set of procedures or equipment.What the NFL uses is the term “specialty” and is used to describe any type of training that is specifically focused on surgery.Specialty centers typically specialize in […]