How to earn a surgical scrub hat in the US

How to get a surgical scab hat in USA, including tips for getting the most out of it, is available in Indian translation.It was written by a surgical technician assistant who works in Utah as a part-time dental technician.His advice for the American medical profession, as per a tweet by Dr. Manoj Sinha, is to […]

Surgeons who use surgical scrub hats are the least likely to have surgeries

A new study by The Associated Press has found surgical scrub hat usage among surgeons is on the rise.In the study, the AP looked at the surgical scrub helmets used by over 6,000 U.S. surgeons in the past three years.The researchers looked at helmet usage by surgical surgeons based on patient experience.The study found that […]

‘I thought it was a man’: Nurse says woman was stabbed in her head after she left hospital

A woman has described how she was attacked and stabbed in the head by a man who was holding a surgical note.The woman was on the way to an appointment when she was assaulted on the M1 in Perth on Saturday.“It was quite a scary moment for me and my family as we walked to […]

How To Get Your Free $50 Gift Card For All Medical Devices And Equipment From Pinehurst Surgeon Source Business Insider

Pinehurst Medical Center has been named the best hospital in the United States for the number of surgical facilities it has, according to the 2017 medical device and equipment survey conducted by Caremark, a medical device research and advisory firm.The hospital is ranked fifth in the country, with an annual revenue of $1.35 billion.The survey […]