Why I didn’t want to take the surgery I wanted

As the nurse surgical scalpel surgeon who performed my daughter’s surgery, I felt pressure to make the right decision for my daughter.The surgery I chose to perform was one I thought would go well, but it also would have consequences.I had not thought about my daughter being a woman, the surgery had not been scheduled […]

When you’re done with your gait, there’s still time for surgery

The first thing a surgeon should do in an emergency is determine whether the patient is wearing a gait support device, a device that automatically tracks the gait of a patient in order to provide assistance.But many people with high-risk conditions cannot wear gait-tracking devices.In fact, it’s considered unsafe for patients to wear devices because […]

Medical scissors to be offered for sale in Hong Kong – Crypto Coins

By Jessica LeePublished November 14, 2017 15:19:58Medical scissors are the cutting tools of choice for many people in Hong Kowloon, but there are few who know the special name of the scissors.A surgeon’s blade, a medical instrument made of a metal sheet, is used for many surgical procedures.A surgical blade can cut through flesh, skin, […]