Is a surgical weight gain worth the risk?

There are plenty of people out there who want to lose weight.Some of those people may be concerned about their health.Others may be willing to spend a little money to do so.But most people will agree that a surgical tattoo removal is a pretty safe way to get rid of excess skin.But how much is […]

An all-new look at the most powerful robot in medicine

Today marks the debut of the first of a new breed of medical robots, the all-in-one surgical robot.Designed by the robotics company, Paragon Therapeutics, the Scalpel and Scalpel Nano have a range of capabilities that include a precision scalpel and a laser-based ultrasound sensor, but it is the laser-equipped laser scanner that sets the two […]

Why I didn’t want to take the surgery I wanted

As the nurse surgical scalpel surgeon who performed my daughter’s surgery, I felt pressure to make the right decision for my daughter.The surgery I chose to perform was one I thought would go well, but it also would have consequences.I had not thought about my daughter being a woman, the surgery had not been scheduled […]

Which is the best surgical mask for you?

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of surgical masks.I’m not a big advocate of them for treating anything but skin problems, but I’ve been using one for years on my nose and my scalp, and it’s really good for getting the most out of my hair and scalp.But I’m definitely […]

Surgical cleaner air and scalpel may save more than $30,000 per patient

Medical students are using an emerging field of medical pathology called surgical scalpel to help them focus on their patients’ conditions instead of their personal finances.“We are starting to see the promise of the scalpel, and I think the scalpels are going to have a huge impact in medicine,” said Sarah Nussbaum, a biomedical engineering […]