How to get a job at a medical device startup

A job at an app startup may require an internship or a few months of paid time off before it’s even considered for hiring.But that’s not always the case.Here’s how to find out.The story of how I got an internship and got hired into an app company is worth reading.┬áIf you’re wondering why you’re probably […]

‘Treatment for TBI’ doctor receives $5 million from ‘Big Pharma’

Boca Raton, Florida — A Florida doctor is getting a $5-million payout from the Big Pharma industry after a devastating brain injury, a jury ruled.Thomas J. Zillman was an emergency room doctor in Boca, Florida, in 2004 when he fell to his death while taking medication for a severe brain injury.The jury said in a […]

Why does your doctor pay you so much?

It’s a question that pops up a lot, especially as the country gears up for the midterm elections next year.But doctors have been under pressure to pay more, especially for more procedures, due to the growing shortage of patients.A new study from University of California San Francisco researchers finds that physicians are paying a lot […]