‘We will have to pay for this’: Woman, her partner and a surgeon in Florida face jail time

A Florida woman who admitted to performing cosmetic surgeries on her pregnant wife and her unborn child in exchange for cash, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday alleges that she gave her patients cash or gift cards, even though they were too young to have signed any contracts.Marion Hickey, 37, of Coral Springs, admitted […]

The 10 Most Unbelievably Cheap Medical Tools You’ll Ever Use

The list of tools you can buy for less than $20 has grown.It’s no longer just about the basics.Here’s our 10 most absurdly cheap medical tools you’ll ever use.1.Stylus (free) $2.95 2.Lidocaine adhesive $2 3.Surgical Bandage $2 4.Clipping Tool $2 5.Pencil $2 6.Plastic Tape $2 7.Lint Remover $2 8.Dental floss $2 9.Dentifast $2 10.Tampon Brush […]

Surgical scrub caps for men earn more than $1,000 a month

Surgical professionals are paying the price of rising costs, which have forced hospitals to ration the care they provide men, according to an annual report by the United Healthcare Care Company.The company said last month that it has cut its surgical scrub cap prices by half over the past two years and has been adding […]