Which surgical mask should you wear in the UK?

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Woman’s surgery mask is back on sale after $5 million restoration

A new women’s surgical mask is on sale at an Elizabeth hospital in Victoria, Ont., after being removed from shelves following a court case.Surgical masks are used to help patients stay warm during surgery, but are now being made available again.Patients with serious burns are often asked to wear the masks for several days after […]

Which is the best surgical mask?

The question of which surgical mask is the most effective for treating severe infections has become a contentious debate.But a new study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, finds that there’s actually no clear winner in terms of comfort and ease of use.They analyzed data from more than 30 million people who […]

When Will We Know It’s All Over? Here’s What to Expect After the Surgery

By now, it’s well-known that surgeons have to spend months in a surgical suite before being allowed to wear a surgical mask in public.The same goes for the surgical tech jobs.While most people know that the jobs can only be done by the top-ranked surgeons, a growing number of doctors and surgeons are looking to […]