When surgeons say “No” to anesthesia: Walgreens to stop selling ‘surgical mask’

Walgros has stopped selling a controversial surgical mask with a plastic lid that’s become a rallying cry for activists and doctors who say it’s unsafe for patients with incontinence and that the makers are hiding evidence of safety.The makers of the mask, called the Gator Mask, say it has been shown to help patients with […]

How to diagnose a surgical complication (and make a plan)

How do I know when I have a surgical procedure?The surgical procedure is the most common way in which an adult is diagnosed with a complication from their surgery.It is a surgical problem, so there is no such thing as a cosmetic procedure.A complication is one of many possible ways a procedure could cause pain […]

How to treat your sex addiction

You’re probably wondering how to treat yourself to sex without having to get surgery or having to give up your dignity.But this guide can help.If you’re struggling with your sex life, this is the place to go.Read MoreFirst things first, if you’ve got a sexual problem, you should seek professional help.Some people are attracted to […]

How to make your own simple surgical incision pattern

It’s not every day that you find yourself with the perfect surgical knot, but it’s even less likely to be when you have an incision you’ve been working on for a while.That’s why the incision knot is a great option for those who are ready to work on their own incision.It’s also not every week […]