How to avoid surgical risks with Amazon’s surgical gloves is making it easier for customers to order surgical gloves that can prevent the spread of infections.The Amazon Echo device can read a medical alert and send the user a text message, which can then be used to order gloves from Amazon, which are designed to keep the patient’s hands clean and protected from […]

What to watch as Dallas wins in the NFC West

Dallas’ season-long streak of consecutive wins over the San Francisco 49ers was snapped Sunday when they lost to the Broncos in a nationally televised game at the Lincoln Memorial.It was the ninth time Dallas has lost to San Francisco in Lincoln since the team moved to Levi’s Stadium in 1967.The Cowboys have won just five […]

When you’re done with your gait, there’s still time for surgery

The first thing a surgeon should do in an emergency is determine whether the patient is wearing a gait support device, a device that automatically tracks the gait of a patient in order to provide assistance.But many people with high-risk conditions cannot wear gait-tracking devices.In fact, it’s considered unsafe for patients to wear devices because […]

How to keep your sterile surgical hair cap clean

According to the World Health Organization, “Surgical hair removal is one of the safest procedures performed by medical personnel.”If you want to preserve your scalp and your skin, don’t forget to wear sterile surgical equipment and avoid using anything that could be contaminated with the body fluids.But, as you can see from the above infographic, […]