How to treat your sex addiction

You’re probably wondering how to treat yourself to sex without having to get surgery or having to give up your dignity.But this guide can help.If you’re struggling with your sex life, this is the place to go.Read MoreFirst things first, if you’ve got a sexual problem, you should seek professional help.Some people are attracted to […]

Surgical masks with surgical hat pattern

Surgical hats have become a popular accessory in the medical world.The hats have been popular among surgeons for many years, and are worn by surgeons as part of their formal attire.But there are many different surgical hat patterns.There are also surgical masks that have surgical hat designs as well.But one of the best surgical hats […]

U.S. surgical procedure in Mississippi: 2 killed, 1 wounded

MARYLAND — The surgeon who operated on two patients after a botched procedure in the South said Thursday that he did so with the help of a friend and was unaware that his patient had recently died.Surgeons were on the scene of a surgical procedure Wednesday in Mississippi that involved removing a colon from a […]