How to Become a Surgical Nurse Practitioner

Surgical nurse practitioners (SNPs) are a growing industry.They are becoming a key source of expertise in the healthcare industry.SNPs are a class of medical professionals with a doctorate in a specific area.They work in hospitals and clinics across the country.They usually work as surgical technologists (STs).The field of surgical nurse practitioners was first established in […]

How to get a job at a medical device startup

A job at an app startup may require an internship or a few months of paid time off before it’s even considered for hiring.But that’s not always the case.Here’s how to find out.The story of how I got an internship and got hired into an app company is worth reading.┬áIf you’re wondering why you’re probably […]

How to make a great surgeon

Medical technology jobs are booming in the US, but the workforce for those jobs is largely dominated by graduates.As technology and surgical innovation become more prevalent, however, surgeons are becoming increasingly drawn to fields like technology, software development, and other engineering fields, says James R. Fenn, president and CEO of the American Association of Medical […]

Surgeons use their wrenches to treat a patient with a brain tumour

SURVIVORS in North Korea are using their wands to treat brain tumours, as doctors discover they are more adept at performing surgery and using a new type of surgical tool.Key points:The country has one of the world’s worst brain tumorous rates with more than 400,000 people diagnosed with the disease annuallyThe country’s surgeons are also […]

How to make your own simple surgical incision pattern

It’s not every day that you find yourself with the perfect surgical knot, but it’s even less likely to be when you have an incision you’ve been working on for a while.That’s why the incision knot is a great option for those who are ready to work on their own incision.It’s also not every week […]