Which is the best surgical mask for you?

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of surgical masks.I’m not a big advocate of them for treating anything but skin problems, but I’ve been using one for years on my nose and my scalp, and it’s really good for getting the most out of my hair and scalp.But I’m definitely […]

How to Make the Perfect Halloween Costume: How to Craft A Halloween Costume That Can Actually Be Halloween 2018

You can’t really do anything else than wear black surgical masks on Halloween.This is because you don’t want people to think you’re the freakiest person in the world.That’s just not the case, especially when you’re dressed up in a costume that says “Scary” on the back.The best costume for Halloween, however, is a black surgical […]

Surgeons use their wrenches to treat a patient with a brain tumour

SURVIVORS in North Korea are using their wands to treat brain tumours, as doctors discover they are more adept at performing surgery and using a new type of surgical tool.Key points:The country has one of the world’s worst brain tumorous rates with more than 400,000 people diagnosed with the disease annuallyThe country’s surgeons are also […]