‘I would never use a dental mask’: Man who bought dental supplies from a dentist’s store says he would never buy one

An Ohio man told The American Conservatives he would have no problem using a dental supply store’s dental seal if he ever needed it.The man told the conservative publication he has been using the store to purchase dental supplies since he moved from the Bronx.He said he has purchased supplies from the store and he […]

‘The best thing I’ve ever bought’ for my son’s first dental surgery

“I was very nervous.I wasn’t ready,” he said.“I just wanted to be on my toes.”After hearing about the service, I was really excited, said the 26-year-old, who is from Brisbane, Australia.I was very, very excited.But when I saw my first results, I just thought ‘this is it’.“I got really worried about the scarring, so I […]

New research shows ‘inadequate’ sterilisation of women

In a report published today, the World Health Organization (WHO) says the use of sterile surgical glove, dental surgical kit and sterile surgical equipment for sterilisation is inadequate.“It is time to end the use and misuse of sterile sterilization in many parts of the world, as it is harmful for health and the environment,” WHO […]

How to Save Your Dentistry: How To Save Your Dental Care

“If you’ve got the best dentist in the world, you’re going to save yourself and your dental team a lot of grief.”—Dr. Richard K. Smith, director of the National Dental Association and author of the popular “Dr. Who Dentistry” series of books.“If I had a million teeth, I’d be a very successful dentist, but I […]

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