How to Treat Skin Conditions with Green Scrubs

Medical professionals across the country are starting to prescribe green scrabs as a treatment for the common skin condition called keratoconus.It is a condition where the skin has been exposed to light, pollution, or high temperatures, and it is usually caused by exposure to the sun, and not an underlying condition.A recent study found that […]

US surgical tools are coming to the UAE, but not before US faces its first international regulatory nightmare

The US surgical tool market in the UAE is in a state of flux.US companies are flocking to the country to take advantage of the government’s efforts to modernize its infrastructure and medical supply chain.The industry is hoping that the UAE will eventually be the hub of US supply chain logistics, particularly with the US […]

How to make the perfect surgical technologist

Technologists are among the most sought-after roles in the NHS.They’re highly skilled in the field of surgery and can help doctors with all sorts of complex procedures, from the insertion of blood into a patient’s veins to treating blood clots.There are a range of technical and scientific skills that you can learn from a surgical […]

U.S. surgical procedure in Mississippi: 2 killed, 1 wounded

MARYLAND — The surgeon who operated on two patients after a botched procedure in the South said Thursday that he did so with the help of a friend and was unaware that his patient had recently died.Surgeons were on the scene of a surgical procedure Wednesday in Mississippi that involved removing a colon from a […]