A surgical mask from Disney that lets you control your emotions

We all know that we can be overwhelmed by the world around us, but it’s still a pretty amazing experience to be able to control your own emotions.Well, that’s exactly what Disney is offering up in their new surgical mask.It’s an emotional mask that you can control with the power of your mind, and it’s […]

What’s the difference between surgical specialty centers and surgical centers?

The term “surgical” has been used to refer to specialized medical training programs for many years.The term, however, does not refer to a specific set of procedures or equipment.What the NFL uses is the term “specialty” and is used to describe any type of training that is specifically focused on surgery.Specialty centers typically specialize in […]

‘The best way to be happy’: A New Jersey mom talks about her son’s surgery and the aftermath

As the surgery continued, Amy’s son began to struggle, his arms and legs flailing, his breathing shallow and labored.Amy kept her composure, keeping her arms folded in front of her and her back hunched over, holding her son down until the surgeon’s hand came in and stopped the surgery.The next day, Amy returned to work, […]