How to stop the medical bills, after medical tech pays

A lot of people will say they’re tired of paying for their medical bills.We all have bills that we can’t pay off.But the amount of medical technology and technology-related costs can be quite staggering.We’ve already been hearing about this in Australia.But what happens when you take it to the next level?Medical technology can be the […]

Which is the best surgical mask cost $500 or less?

The first article about the costs of a surgical mask was published in 2015.It showed the cost per ounce of an acupuncturist’s mask and its cost per square centimeter.Now, more than three years later, the article is out of date, as is the data that the author has been relying on to make his case.The […]

The 10 Most Unbelievably Cheap Medical Tools You’ll Ever Use

The list of tools you can buy for less than $20 has grown.It’s no longer just about the basics.Here’s our 10 most absurdly cheap medical tools you’ll ever use.1.Stylus (free) $2.95 2.Lidocaine adhesive $2 3.Surgical Bandage $2 4.Clipping Tool $2 5.Pencil $2 6.Plastic Tape $2 7.Lint Remover $2 8.Dental floss $2 9.Dentifast $2 10.Tampon Brush […]

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