Which nurse surgical caps will you need?

Nurse surgical caps are designed to protect your skin from the harmful bacteria and virus-causing agents that can be found in your hospital’s operating room.The caps come in two sizes and each is designed to cover a different area of the body, so you’ll need to carefully select which one fits best for you.The different […]

The Best Surgical Products 2018

American surgeons are no strangers to the term “surgical staples,” which refers to staples that are typically used to close wounds and to facilitate cleaning of surgical equipment and tools.In fact, it’s been around for more than a century.But, in 2018, the medical specialty finally found a better term for what surgeons have been doing […]

How to get your new, surgical tubing to be used in your next surgical procedure

Posted January 21, 2019 08:01:11There’s no shortage of tubing available to those looking to make their own surgical tubing.And they can do so without the use of any machines, making the process very simple.But that doesn’t mean you can get a lot done with the tubing you have.There are a lot of complications, and a […]

Which is better, the surgery table or the surgery center?

Medical professionals have long debated whether surgical table surgery is more effective than surgical center surgery.The debate has been raging for years, and it’s still going strong.Now, a new study by surgeons at the University of Florida School of Medicine suggests the surgery’s superiority over the table is a little more complicated.The study, published in […]

When you can’t get a job, what you can and can’t do as a surgical technician

In a recent column for The Canadian Press, the Canadian surgical technician said she was unable to get a new job because of a medical emergency, so she decided to leave her job.“I’m working at the hospital and I can’t work,” she wrote.“The hospital is a big job that’s hard to find, and it’s stressful.I’ve […]

How the surgical aseptic ati is changing the way we think about anaesthesia

As a result of a decade of research into anaesthesia, the surgical ati has become a tool that is used by surgeons and nurses in their work, says Dr Michael Smith.The term anaesthetic is used to describe the process of the body’s ability to draw in blood and other fluid from its tissues, and by […]

Why are surgeons so anxious about being tattooed?

The world of tattooing has seen a boom in the last few years, thanks in part to the success of e-commerce companies such as Instagram and Tumblr, and a growing demand for doctors who can make the work easier.But while the demand for surgeons is skyrocketing, some have raised concerns about the quality of the […]

An all-new look at the most powerful robot in medicine

Today marks the debut of the first of a new breed of medical robots, the all-in-one surgical robot.Designed by the robotics company, Paragon Therapeutics, the Scalpel and Scalpel Nano have a range of capabilities that include a precision scalpel and a laser-based ultrasound sensor, but it is the laser-equipped laser scanner that sets the two […]