Medical school rankings are often based on what medical schools in a given state do best, but a new study shows that the number one medical school in India, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), is actually not as good as you might think.

The study, which was conducted by the Times Higher Education Research Institute (THRI), looked at medical school enrolments across India in 2016.

JNU is ranked in the top ten in terms of enrolment in primary and specialty medical schools.

However, the survey also revealed that the university’s rankings did not reflect its performance in other areas.

“The university has been ranked in several other categories, including health, nutrition, environment, environment and women’s studies, but the data is only available in the primary and secondary levels.

So in terms to get a clearer picture of the university, we conducted an analysis using the enrolment data,” the study said.

The university is also one of the top ranked in health and education.

The JNUSU report showed that JNUs enrolment was lower than other universities.

The study also said that there are some universities that outperform their peers, and it is a “very important fact” that some of them are in the best medical schools across the country.

“We can see that the top 10 institutions in terms at which they outperform the peers in other institutions is Jawahars, and they are in a very strong position, especially in terms in terms and quality of the curriculum.

So the ranking is in part a result of this.

We know the top of the rankings, but we also know that we have a lot of other factors to consider, like how many graduates are being enrolled at different colleges,” Dr Pradeep Goyal, associate professor of sociology and biostatistics at JNUC, told the Times of India.

Goyal added that some universities are better at educating women than others.

“They have better facilities, better staff, and more advanced training.

They also have better students, which can also be a factor.

There are also some universities with very high standards of education.

There is also a very good correlation between the quality of a university and the number of graduates.

So there is some correlation between these things,” he said.

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