The National Football League and the NFL Players Association will make a big deal about the return of the “green scrub” for the 2014 season.

But the two sides are at odds over who’s in charge of the scheme.

A number of players say the NFLPA wants the league to use the green scrub, which is an alternate jersey.

They say the players don’t like the idea of being paid to wear it.

It was a symbol of the league’s support of the military during the Vietnam War.

The NFLPA said the green jersey, which was invented by the players themselves, was designed to help players keep their uniforms clean.

But some NFL players say that the green shirt is too heavy and the jersey too soft.

They want the green shirts removed from the jerseys.

They also want the new uniforms to be better made.

So the NFL and the players are in an impasse over who will decide the new look.

They’re not talking about it, but some players say they will.

Some players who wear the green jerseys say they’re still going to wear them.

But they’re not going to be wearing them because they want to wear the other jerseys, they said.

“They want to keep the green, they want the color, they’re just not going anywhere,” said one player.

The players want the teams to start wearing the green uniforms and to pay the players to wear green shirts. “

But the reason I’m going is because I don’t want to go back to being a prisoner in the jungle,” said another player.

The players want the teams to start wearing the green uniforms and to pay the players to wear green shirts.

But most of the players say this will only lead to more players wearing the “orange shirts.”

The NFL has said it will allow players to choose the color of their jersey but it won’t let players wear them on the field.

And the players have called on the NFL to pay players to get their green scrab to be made more comfortable.

They don’t see it that way.

The new uniforms are expected to be unveiled Thursday and will go into effect July 1.

But not everyone is pleased.

“The NFLPA is putting the cart before the horse,” said the player who has been wearing the yellow jersey for the past two seasons.

“There’s no question the green has been a symbol, and I don.t want to make the green look like it is something that is going to disappear.”

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