is making it easier for customers to order surgical gloves that can prevent the spread of infections.

The Amazon Echo device can read a medical alert and send the user a text message, which can then be used to order gloves from Amazon, which are designed to keep the patient’s hands clean and protected from contamination.

The company also recently announced plans to introduce an “ecosurface” system that can scan surfaces for potentially dangerous bacteria, a process that would be cheaper and faster than having a technician do the cleaning.

Amazon said its new gloves are not a replacement for gloves, which could cost thousands of dollars.

But they are intended to prevent the transmission of bacteria, particularly when gloves are worn during surgery.

Amazon will begin accepting the gloves in the U.S. in early 2017, according to the company.

Amazon’s gloves are the first of their kind for use in surgery, and Amazon is one of the few companies that offers a full range of surgical gloves.

Amazon is also planning to sell an Amazon-branded surgical mask for use during surgery and a pair of surgical tools.

Amazon also plans to sell a series of surgical-grade gloves for patients who want to stay home during surgeries.

The gloves have a microfiber lining and a small patch in the back, which the company hopes will prevent the contamination from spreading.

The devices will not only be used during surgery, but also in cases of elective procedures, which typically involve using hands that are not able to hold the instrument.

But Amazon said it is not testing the gloves on humans yet.

Amazon, meanwhile, said it will be providing training to surgical staff in the next two weeks.

Amazon Chief Medical Officer Chris Wanstrath said he is confident the gloves will work well for surgeons.

“They are a great addition to the Amazon Echo line, and we have a good track record of delivering surgical-quality surgical equipment, and the new Amazon Echo 2 and Echo 2 Plus are going to provide the same level of safety and performance as the Amazon gloves,” Wanstraths said in a statement.

The new surgical gloves will be available for purchase starting on Tuesday.

Amazon has been ramping up its efforts to sell medical equipment to the public since its announcement that it would be expanding its surgical gear sales.

The retail giant also said it would expand its supply of surgical instruments and gear to the U, and would offer medical professionals in its hospitals the ability to use these devices.

The move comes as other companies, including Google, Apple and Amazon, are testing out medical-grade surgical gear, including surgical gloves, mask, and prosthetic hand, among others.

Amazon announced last week that it was expanding its distribution of surgical masks to hospitals in the United States.

In addition, Amazon is expanding its partnership with The Boston University School of Medicine.

The two universities plan to launch a new partnership with Amazon to sell surgical equipment to patients at medical centers, including in the areas of internal medicine and urology.

Amazon and The Boston College have been partnering to create a program to offer surgical training for medical professionals and other medical providers.

Amazon started offering surgical training and education programs in the country in late 2016, according the company, and has been offering training in other countries.

Amazon plans to launch additional medical training programs in 2017.

The search giant is also offering a new “surgical safety and care” app for the Echo, which allows users to check the safety of their devices, watch a medical safety video and make phone calls to doctors.

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