A medical mask is costing $200,000,000 and it will cost $500,000 more to make it work

A medical device used to relieve pain and discomfort has taken a $200 million hit, and will be replaced with a $400 million robotic mask that will also cost $200k to make. 

In an announcement made to employees at a health care facility in New Jersey, HealthCare.gov said the $400M robotic mask will be available by January 2020, and that the $200M surgical mask will follow shortly thereafter. 

The $200K robotic mask was designed by researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Technology in Germany. 

It will cost roughly $100K to create, and it has to be re-assembled every time the device is used. 


Gov also released the following video that shows the new robotic mask being tested.

It is designed to fit inside the head of an individual with no trauma to the head. 

“This mask is meant to improve the patient’s ability to safely manage their pain,” HealthCareGov said in the release.

“The mask can be used for an additional 10 minutes, and the device has a lifespan of 20,000 cycles, which is a long time in human use.”

A robot is more than just a tool; it is a living system that learns from our mistakes and mistakes we make.

It is our responsibility to ensure that these mistakes don’t happen again.

“The cost of the mask has been estimated at $400,000. 

According to HealthCareNerd, the mask will only cost $300K to make, and if it was manufactured by a medical device company that had the $800K budget, it would cost $1.3M to make a $300M robotic version. 

You can read the full announcement at HealthCareGo.com. 

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