A new women’s surgical mask is on sale at an Elizabeth hospital in Victoria, Ont., after being removed from shelves following a court case.

Surgical masks are used to help patients stay warm during surgery, but are now being made available again.

Patients with serious burns are often asked to wear the masks for several days after their surgery.

But it’s rare to find them on sale.

A lawsuit by a woman in her 30s accused the company of illegally reselling the mask.

The suit claimed the company refused to remove the mask from the shelf, even though it had been in use for several months.

“We had a conversation with the person who was selling it, and she said that the mask was going to be gone,” said Stephanie Gorman, one of the plaintiffs.

Gorman said she was not the only one in the medical supply chain to get angry about the mask’s removal.

The lawsuit also alleged that the company knew it was not medically appropriate for a woman to wear a mask for more than a day after surgery.

“If you’re going to have a mask on, you’re supposed to use it for as long as you can,” said Gorman.

A spokesperson for the company told CBC News it was investigating the matter.

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