Posted November 01, 2018 18:38:06A man can’t get a new surgical supply with his doctor’s permission, but he can get the glue that goes on the surgical castration machine.

In the past, the procedure was done with a pair of scissors and a piece of glue.

Now, the glue can be used in the surgical supply supply store in West Bengal.

“The patient can get a glue at the surgical store in Bengaluru.

It’s like glue, but it’s also the same.

The glue is not a drug, it’s not an anaesthetic, it doesn’t cause any side effects.

It doesn’t affect the patient.

But it does create a lot of complications,” said Surinder Srikumar, who runs the supply store.

Dr. Kalyan Singh, who is also a consultant surgeon at the hospital, said, “I am happy that the patient can have a surgical supply.

It is better for them to be able to get the procedure with their doctor’s approval.

It will also help the patient get the medication and the surgery will be a lot quicker.

It gives them a lot more comfort.”

Dr. Srikuram, who works at the clinic, said the glue will be used for the surgical procedure.

He said the patients will get a prescription for the glue and a prescription from the doctors.

“There are a lot fewer complications when there are no side effects, and the glue is cheaper.

I am sure the patient will get the treatment,” he said.

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