Walgros has stopped selling a controversial surgical mask with a plastic lid that’s become a rallying cry for activists and doctors who say it’s unsafe for patients with incontinence and that the makers are hiding evidence of safety.

The makers of the mask, called the Gator Mask, say it has been shown to help patients with urinary incontinent and urinary tract infections.

It’s marketed as a surgical mask for urinary tract and incontinency and also for use in cases of severe diarrhea.

The masks are available in health food stores and online, and the company says that it has reached out to more than 400,000 patients to receive feedback on its products.

But the mask’s makers say the product has been tested in clinical studies in Europe and the United States and has not shown an increased risk of incontactment or infection.

Walgos is working with other retailers, including Walgies and Walgmans, to stop the mask from being sold in stores, including at Walgreen.

Walgreens says it is working closely with health care providers and other interested parties to ensure the safety of the product.

Walmart is also reviewing the safety and effectiveness of its surgical mask.

The company says it will make changes to its products and policies, including that the mask be available for free for patients and employees.

Walter M. Shaub, CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics, called for Walgarts safety review and said he believes Walgens mask should be removed from the market immediately.

Walgreen said it was disappointed by Walgys decision to discontinue the mask and said it is reviewing the matter with the FDA.