In a report published today, the World Health Organization (WHO) says the use of sterile surgical glove, dental surgical kit and sterile surgical equipment for sterilisation is inadequate.

“It is time to end the use and misuse of sterile sterilization in many parts of the world, as it is harmful for health and the environment,” WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said.

The WHO is urging governments to use a combination of sterilization and other strategies, including vaccines and early detection of infection.

“The use of this equipment should be regulated in order to minimize its impact on women’s health and reduce its use in areas where it is most needed,” Chan said in a statement.

The study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, used a global database of sterilizations conducted between 1991 and 2013 to identify which countries and countries of the developed world were using the most sterilisation and sterilization equipment.

It found the number of sterilisations was increasing, with nearly 1.6 million sterilizations being carried out in 2013 and about 2.6 per cent of sterilised women in developing countries.

“While there is a clear need to limit the number and the duration of sterilisation, the use rates of this sterilisation equipment vary widely, from 5 per cent to 40 per cent in some countries and even more in others,” the study’s authors wrote.

“In some parts of developing countries, more than one-third of women in the sterilisation group have had more than 1 sterilisation.”

Some countries, such as China, have a much higher sterilisation rate than the developed countries.

China had the highest sterilisation rates in developed countries in 2013, with 22.3 sterilisations per 1,000 women, followed by India at 16.1 and the US at 15.8.

In the developing world, however, the figures are much lower, at about 2 sterilisations a woman.

The report found that sterilisation costs were a significant contributor to women’s poverty in developing and emerging countries.

It said sterilisation was responsible for $1.5 trillion in lost income, $1 trillion in disability, and $400 billion in lost productivity.

WHO Director General Margaret Chan says sterilisation should be used as part of a range of strategies to prevent and manage HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The global cost of HIV/AIDS is estimated to be $500 billion a year.

The costs associated with sterilisation include costs to healthcare systems, including treatment of infections, hospitalisation, and the disposal of the materials used to sterilise.

It also includes the loss of labour force participation and women’s ability to leave the workforce when they need to seek employment.

The authors say more work needs to be done on the role of the use-based sterilisation system in preventing and managing HIV/Aids.

“There is no single answer to reducing the number or duration of HIV infections and STIs in women.

There is also no single method of preventing the spread of HIV and STI, but a range that involves targeting the health, social and economic well-being of women and men and addressing the needs of the community at large,” they said.

In a statement, the WHO said it was working to ensure that countries could prevent and treat infections through measures such as vaccination and early screening, and to develop new tools and technologies that would enable health systems to perform better.

The organisation urged governments to “implement and implement policies that will encourage more effective use of the equipment”.

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