A new article on Hacker News says that if you’re looking for a surgical tech position, you should definitely check out Pinehurst.

Pinehurst is a small, private surgical tech company in the northern suburbs of Toronto that is owned and operated by a couple of surgeons.

The company has a growing team of about 60 people who work from home, including an engineering, a tech, and a tech support staff.

Pineres technicians are primarily paid $13.25 an hour and have the option of joining the company’s workforce on a full-time basis.

The company’s site describes its work as a “career-focused, technology-focused team focused on innovation and excellence” that has built a “world-class surgical technology portfolio” that includes surgical tools and other equipment.

It’s not clear if Pinehurst has a clinical presence, but the company has been working with an organization called Patient Care Network in Toronto for years.

Patient Care, which describes itself as a non-profit organization that provides training and employment to “careers that are driven by their commitment to care and wellness,” has also been working in the same field for a few years now.

Patient Care Network offers “internships and employment opportunities” for doctors and nurses at a variety of health care facilities and hospitals in the area.

Pinerees CEO and founder Peter DeVries told Business Insider that they’ve had “a lot of great success” with this sort of program in the past.

“We’ve had some very talented people coming to us with a lot of very exciting opportunities,” DeVrys said.

He added that they’re also looking for people with experience in a variety, different areas of surgery.

According to the company website, the Pineres team works in four areas of work: “Healthcare Technology, Operations, Operations Support, and Quality Control.”

The company offers a variety skills, including a “technical and operations skills training, a surgical technologist degree, and certification in the use of surgical tools.”

PatientCare Network was founded in 2012 by Dr. Andrew Gage and Dr. Robert Coyle, who previously worked for St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

They’ve been involved in a number of different medical projects over the years, including in the treatment of prostate cancer.

In 2015, they launched Patient Care Partnerships, which is aimed at helping healthcare professionals develop their careers as technology professionals.

The two co-founded Patient Care Networks’ own technology-enabled health services program.

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