It’s a question many surgeons and anaesthetists are struggling with.

How to make the leap to a surgical training program in the United Kingdom?

The question was raised when UK’s NHS posted a job advert on the company’s website.

The job advertised as a surgical assistant is to provide the following services to the NHS in the City of London.

The post states:The company posted a link to the job advert to its LinkedIn page, but it was not clear whether the advert was genuine.

It’s unclear how long the job was advertised, and it is not clear if the advertised position is for a position within the City-based organisation.

The job advertised does not mention that it is a full-time job, but the posting on LinkedIn does say that the position is “permanent”.

The position does not have an age limit, and the post says the position “is currently looking for a full time surgical assistant who will help us to deliver better quality, faster, more consistent and cost effective care to patients.”

The job posting was first reported by the BBC, which tweeted that the posting is for “a full- time, permanent position.”