On Wednesday, the world’s largest clinical trial of a cancer drug called CART was launched in India.

It aims to find out whether the drug can slow the spread of cancer by removing cancer cells from the body and delivering them to distant sites for treatment.

But the research also raises concerns about its efficacy and safety.

Here are some of the questions we are asking about the drug:Does it work?

Is it safe?

And how is it being tested in the Indian market?

The first question is whether the CART drug works, at all.

The Indian trial is part of a $2.5 billion trial in the US and Canada that aims to show whether a cancer treatment can slow down or kill tumors by delivering them in distant locations for treatment instead of the body.

The US trials are designed to prove whether a drug, known as a “neutron bomb,” can treat certain cancers, and the US trial is designed to test whether it can slow cancer growth.

The CART trial will test the efficacy of the drug in treating patients with lung, liver and prostate cancers.

The trial is the largest of its kind in India, with more than 500,000 patients participating.

A spokesperson for the Indian clinical trial said the drug is currently in Phase 3 clinical trials in the United States and Canada, and is expected to begin in Phase 4 in India later this year.

He said the trial will not be a “monumental event,” but it is expected that the drug will have a positive effect on about 1% of the patients participating in the trial, which means that about 1 in 500 of the 1.2 million patients who are being treated in the trials will get the drug.

“The study is aimed at testing the efficacy and efficacy of a novel drug in the treatment of lung, hepatocellular carcinoma, prostate, and other malignancies,” the spokesperson said.

“We are testing CART in lung, prostate and hepatocells.

We are not planning to start on the trial of hepato-cellular cancers in Phase III clinical trials.”

However, the spokesperson also added that CART does not yet have a “gold standard” for testing the drug’s efficacy.

“There are no gold standards for this trial,” the statement said.

“However, we have observed that there is a positive response in the early phase of the trial.”

It’s unclear how long the drug would take to reach clinical trials and how much of a effect the drug might have on cancer patients.

“In order to get a long-term clinical trial, it is crucial to know how well the drug works and to know whether it is safe,” said Srikanth Ramachandran, the chief medical officer of Medicus, the medical device company developing CART.

He added that it’s important to understand the impact the drug has on the patients being treated, not just in India but in other countries where it is being tested.

“So far, the results are positive in India and in the clinical trials we are conducting,” Ramachadran said.

The drug is “very promising” in its own right, he added.

“We are hopeful of having a positive outcome in the next phase of this trial.”

What are the risks?

The biggest concern is whether CART is safe and effective.

The clinical trials are being conducted in India because it’s cheaper to conduct clinical trials there.

The company has a strong relationship with the Indian government and has committed to continue its clinical trials.

But Ramachamangalam, who is leading the trial in India said that the safety profile of the CPT has been tested on human patients.

He noted that the company is testing CPT in about 500 patients in the phase 1 trial, with about half of those receiving the drug within two months of starting treatment.

“These patients are healthy and are in good health,” he said.

The Indian trials also involve a number of small, private companies, some of which have invested heavily in the drug as part of the country’s $5.7 trillion health care system.

Ramachalam said that, if the trials go well, it will likely be the first drug to be approved for use in India that would be licensed in the country.

The regulatory approval process is likely to take several years.

But if the drug fails to make it through regulatory approval, it could have an even bigger impact.

Anecdotally, the patients in India seem to be responding well to the drug, Ramacharan said.

According to the Indian trial results, the drug appears to be safe and has no side effects in its early Phase 3 trials.

“This is the first time that we have seen a statistically significant response in a clinical trial,” Ramadaman said.

Ramatchadurai, who works in the pharmaceutical industry, said the trials are also showing that the CCTR treatment is effective in a trial of patients with moderate to severe liver

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