Breitbart News reported on the surgical incisions at a Walmart, a Target, a Dollar General, and a Walmart Supercenter in Minnesota, and the surgical caps at a Target in Iowa.

The Walmart in Iowa reported a $832 surgical incisor.

The Target in Minnesota reported a surgical scalpel, which was purchased at a $399 price.

According to the Walmart website, surgical scalps are used to remove “slipped or partially broken skin and to close wounds or open airways.”

In its report, Walmart noted that its surgical incissors were made from surgical steel.

A Walmart spokesperson told Breitbart News that the company “has no comment on specific allegations.”

The Target spokesperson told us that they had no comment either.

A dollar store spokesperson told the same story.

Breitbart News reached out to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Bureau of Consumer Price Index to confirm the accuracy of the Walmart price.

“It’s a very complicated issue,” the spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

“We are not able to answer specific questions about the specific materials used.

However, we can say that the US Department of Labor does not use the metric that Walmart uses, the US Labor Force Survey, to measure the cost of surgical incidencies, such as the cost per day of care.

So, if Walmart is using the metric to make its prices, then they should be reporting that to the government.”