“If you’ve got the best dentist in the world, you’re going to save yourself and your dental team a lot of grief.”—Dr. Richard K. Smith, director of the National Dental Association and author of the popular “Dr. Who Dentistry” series of books.

“If I had a million teeth, I’d be a very successful dentist, but I can’t afford a million.

If I’m going to have a million, I’ll have to go to a million other dentists.”

“The average person with a good dental team has a good job.

It’s not about the person, it’s about the job.”—T.R. Reid, founder of the Dental Education Institute.

“The job of a dentist is to provide quality, affordable, accessible and effective care to all of the people who need it.”—John D. Williams, author of “Dentistry and a Life.”

“When we don’t have good dental care, people get hurt, we’re sicker, we get sicker.”—Loretta Scott-Gimlin, CEO of the American Dental Medical Association.

“I believe the answer is to go out and do dental work.

You want to have the best dental practice you can possibly have, and that includes providing quality care.”—Michael A. Pessina, CEO and president of Dentistry.com. “

You want to be a dentist.

You want to have the best dental practice you can possibly have, and that includes providing quality care.”—Michael A. Pessina, CEO and president of Dentistry.com.

“A dentist should never work for less than minimum wage, or if they work for more, they should work for a living.”—Dennis W. Tabor, former president of the Academy of Oral Medicine, chair of the Oral Health Council of America, and author, “Dental Care in America: Lessons Learned.”

“It’s the highest level of education for a dentist in a dentistry career.”—James L. Staley, former dean of the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Michigan.

“Denting and dentistry are two different disciplines, and a lot is learned in the former, but you have to work in both fields to get the right training.”—Mitch P. Sorenson, director and associate professor of oral health and oral pathology at Yale University.

“Most dentists are in the same boat, they have to pay a living wage, but they have a great opportunity to make more money.

That’s what makes the world go ’round.”—Carol Ann Johnson, chief executive officer of Dentist Solutions, a provider of dental training and services.

“Do you have any tips for a dental assistant that you have had success with?”—John R. Sullivan, director, practice and services for Dentist Systems.

“As a dentist, it is important to have all the tools you need to care for your patients.

If you don’t know how to do something, it won’t be long before you get a bill.”—Mark L. Johnson, president and CEO of Dentists Group, a dental education and dental workforce development company.

“What I would say is: When you have an emergency or emergency medical situation, do not hesitate to get a dental professional.

But, if you’re not sure about how to get dental care at home, get in touch with a dental surgeon.”—Mary Ann H. Hinkle, president of American Dancers Association.

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