As the first in the field of certified surgical technologists, I’ve spent most of my career performing surgical procedures.

In addition to being able to perform the most complex procedures, they have also become the foundation for my own practice.

I started to practice as a certified surgical technician when I was 18, when I received my Bachelor of Science degree in surgical technology from Hebrew University.

My dream was to become a surgical techniologist, and my dream was realized.

As a graduate student at Hebrew University, I worked in the surgical division of a major surgical hospital, and I met my future husband, a surgical tech.

When I graduated, I decided to apply for certification, and we started training.

After graduating from medical school, I entered the Israeli medical profession, and at the age of 32, I started my practice.

I’m not the only one who does this, but I’m the first to do it in Israel.

During the years that I practiced as a surgical technician, I witnessed first-hand the changing times, and the rise of the internet.

The internet changed the way we practice.

Today, the world is connected and we are all connected.

Today we can take care of people around the world, whether they have diabetes or cancer.

In a country where the average person is not old enough to read, I feel the need to make sure that the best medical treatments are available to the people who need them.

As a surgeon, I am a physician.

I have to protect patients and their rights, because no one is above the law.

When we work on our patients, we have to respect our bodies.

I feel the responsibility to my patients.

I don’t treat them with disrespect, because I am not a doctor.

But when someone has a health problem, I must always treat them.

And I will always try to help my patients when they need it.

As soon as I entered into the Israeli surgery profession, I became an expert in my field.

I started with an understanding of how the operation is performed.

I learned how to do basic surgery and advanced surgical procedures, including in my spare time.

Then, I also learned how the surgical department performs an operation.

I wanted to know everything about the operations, because it is the only place where we do a complete and proper surgery.

I am an expert surgeon.

In order to be a surgeon who knows everything about an operation, I’m always asking questions about it, so that I can answer the most important questions of the day, when people ask questions about the procedure.

As an expert, I know everything.

The operations I perform are based on a comprehensive research.

I’ve done surgeries in a hospital, a trauma center, a general hospital, in an operating room, and in a general surgery unit.

I am the first one in the world who can perform the operation in the operating room.

I know how to make a perfect surgical incision, how to properly close it, how it should be properly aligned, and how it must be inserted.

I also know how I want to open it, and when I want it closed.

I can see how the surgeon is performing it, as well as how it feels.

It’s the same in the general surgery department, where I can examine the patients.

As the first person in the industry, I have the right to give the surgery.

It was not possible to make an operation that is perfect.

When a surgeon makes an operation perfect, he’s not only fulfilling his patients’ expectations, but also fulfilling the patient’s health.

If I give the operation to someone who can’t perform the procedure perfectly, he won’t be able to make the operation right.

I have an excellent rapport with patients.

It is not possible for me to give someone a bad opinion.

I always make sure my patients know that I respect their body, their wishes, and their dreams.

I hope that they find the best solution for them.

The reason why I started working in Israel is because I knew I would always be able, whether I’m an expert or not, to give them the best possible surgery, even if they don’t know me.

I always look forward to the operation, to the procedure, and to the day when I perform it.

And this is why I’ve always stayed in the Israeli surgical field.

My husband, Dr. Shai, is the first surgeon to have the surgical spirit.

He has been a successful surgeon for over 30 years, and he knows how to treat patients.

We work together to help people, and our work is very productive.

My life is full of hope, but it has also become very painful.

I work as a medical technician to support my family.

My husband is my first doctor and I’ve been an advocate of his practice.

If he wasn’t a surgeon and I was an entrepreneur, I would probably have started a medical practice.

My career path started from a hospital in the West Bank, where the Palestinian population is

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