The new face mask is a surgical device that is designed to stop the flow of blood and prevent infection in the face.

It is designed by a team at the University of Cambridge and can be worn by all people from a newborn baby to the elderly.

They have created the device in the lab and hope to sell it to hospitals.

The masks have a built-in sensor that detects the type of blood in the patient’s bloodstream and stops it from flowing to the face and neck.

The sensor is also fitted to the mask itself, making it easier for the wearer to wear the mask.

This is very important because when the blood is flowing to your face, it can cause problems for the entire face, which can lead to infection and possibly even death.

But the sensor can also be turned off, allowing you to keep your own blood supply at bay.

There is also an on-board safety system, which allows you to control the speed and volume of the mask when it is worn, which has been crucial in helping prevent infections.

The device is also much more flexible than other types of face masks.

For example, it is possible to wear it over the nose, to help keep the blood flow to your nose stable.

And if you are not comfortable wearing it, you can remove it with a simple push of a button.

There are two versions of the device: a “skin mask” that protects the face from the external world and a “head mask” which can be fitted over the head, or over the eye.

The mask can be washed with a cloth or with a small amount of soap.

The sensors in the skin mask can detect the type and amount of blood flowing through the wearer’s blood vessels and stop it from entering the mask’s sensor.

This allows the wearer a clear view of their own body temperature, the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, the type that is being blocked, and whether the blood pressure is high or low.

The head mask is not designed to protect the wearer from the outside world.

Instead, it relies on the wearer feeling comfortable wearing the mask, as well as the wearer being able to see a visual image of their face.

These two masks are very similar to each other, but the head mask can only be worn for a few seconds at a time.

The skin mask, on the other hand, is very long and flexible, meaning that the wearer can wear it for hours, weeks, or even months at a stretch.

You can see that the device works a lot better when worn over the eyes.

And there is a new feature that allows you, the wearer, to wear a mask with no goggles at all.

When the mask is worn with a mask, it doesn’t have to be fitted on over the whole face.

Instead the wearer could wear it on the chin or just on the nose.

This would be perfect for the elderly, the very young, or anyone who has trouble wearing a mask over the entire head or face.

In a study published in the journal PLoS One, a team of scientists from the University at Albany in New York found that the technology is effective in reducing infection rates.

It was the first study to use the sensors in a clinical setting, and it used the sensor to assess whether there was any infection in people undergoing a surgical procedure.

In the study, the researchers found that about 90 per cent of people who received the mask for a week had fewer infections compared to those who didn’t receive it.

They also found that wearing the masks for about four hours a day reduced the number of infections by 30 per cent, compared to wearing the same mask for less than a day.

“The mask was effective in improving infection rates in a group of people that had been in a surgical mask for about eight hours,” Dr Daniel Loughran, a lead researcher on the study and an associate professor at the UAB School of Medicine, said.

“This is a real breakthrough.

The results were very encouraging.”

So, what does the research tell us?

The research was very preliminary, and there are still a lot of things to be worked out before it becomes a standard procedure for all surgical face mask users.

For instance, the mask works best when worn for less then four hours at a day, which is quite a long time for most people.

The new sensor is not perfect and the mask does not provide a clear vision of the face, but it works well enough for most of us.

And the researchers did find that when the mask was worn for eight hours a night, people in the study who did not wear a head mask had fewer hospitalisations, and those who wore a head or facial mask had a reduced risk of dying.

This study has shown that a face mask can reduce the risk of infection in those who are undergoing a surgery, even after the mask has been worn for four hours.

“These results are very encouraging, and they are not just limited to this study,” Dr Loughraan said. He says

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