It’s no secret that Donald Trump is popular among some voters.

In a Gallup poll taken in April, nearly half of Americans had a favorable view of Trump, and roughly a third of the respondents viewed him unfavorably.

And yet, there’s a good chance that the Republican presidential nominee may actually lose some of his voters.

“There are plenty of voters who have given up on him because they can’t believe he’s a serious contender,” said Mark Penn, director of the Pew Research Center’s Center on the States.

Trump has long argued that his political revolution is based on the idea that the American people are not sufficiently motivated to support him.

“We have to have a change in the way we’re going to get things done in Washington,” Trump said during a rally in July, “and we have to change the way politics works in Washington.”

He added that his supporters are motivated by the hope that the country can finally get its act together.

In the last year, he has begun to pull out of some of the key states that have traditionally swung Republican.

But the Republican Party has a problem.

According to Gallup, in 2016, nearly six in 10 voters (59%) said they were dissatisfied with the way the country is going.

Many of those voters, according to Penn, would prefer that the party focus on economic issues instead of the economy.

The Trump campaign has made a lot of noise about how he is a better negotiator than Clinton, a claim that is backed up by the numbers.

A 2016 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 71% of voters say they would rather have a better deal than Clinton than a better candidate, while a majority of voters (57%) said Trump would do a better job negotiating with other countries than Clinton.

It’s also true that Clinton has made more of an effort to connect with voters in general, including in speeches.

In her speech at the Democratic National Convention, Clinton focused on the importance of the Affordable Care Act and pledged to “repeal and replace” it as president.

“It’s not about winning elections, it’s about living in a country that works for all of us,” she said.

It was a similar message on the campaign trail, with Clinton highlighting her ties to working families and making a plea to voters to get out and vote.

She also mentioned her husband Bill’s contributions to the economy and pledged, “We will deliver for you.”

But Trump has not offered those same kinds of proposals, and many of his supporters have not been able to find a way to vote.

A recent NBC News poll found only 16% of respondents say they are confident in their vote, while 58% say they don’t have a strong opinion about the election at this point.

Trump’s base is also divided about how they feel about the race.

Only about one-third of Republicans say they want to see the two candidates fight it out, compared to nearly a quarter of Democrats.

But more than half of Republican voters say it’s too early to tell.

The two candidates have a lot to lose.

While Trump has already lost four states in a row, he could be in trouble in a number of other states as well.

As of early Tuesday morning, there were nearly 300 million people living in the United States, according a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

If they all switch to Clinton, that number could climb to over 1 billion.

Penn believes that the GOP could actually help its chances by focusing on what could be the defining issues of the election.

“If they get the message out that the economy is going to be in a terrible state, that they are going to have to take action to fix it, that voters will get behind that, that is a very, very different message than, ‘Well, you know, I’m not sure how you can actually get things to happen,’ ” Penn said.

“What they’re saying is, ‘You know, we have a president who is a good negotiator, we’re getting things done, we are working on our economy, we’ve got to be ready to deal with this, but we’re not ready to go all out.'”

The latest CNN/ORC poll found a similar pattern, with a majority saying they are not confident in either candidate.

This may be because the Republican candidates are still trying to figure out how to best present themselves as the party of working Americans.

While the candidates are on the offensive, they are still missing the mark with the voters who will ultimately decide who wins the election in November.

“You’re not seeing the same level of enthusiasm,” Penn said, “as the last two years.

The voters who really are getting excited about it are not the same voters who are actually voting.”

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