On February 17, 2017, I was told that I was to undergo a surgical procedure called a bilateral laceration.

This procedure was used in conjunction with a laser to open the wound and remove the tissue.

I was told it was a simple procedure.

But after several hours of watching doctors performing the procedure and hearing what was going on inside the hospital, I could tell that this was not how it was supposed to work.

The procedure was not what I had expected.

I was in excruciating pain and was given little hope.

The procedure began in a room with a single monitor, which would monitor my vital signs and record any changes to my vital signals.

The monitor would record me having a pulse, which indicates that I am alive and breathing.

This pulse would then be recorded and sent to my doctor.

I would then receive a dose of pain medication and be placed into a medically induced coma.

After a few days in this coma, the doctor would give me an epidural injection.

This was the main procedure in which I would receive a surgical scar.

It was not painful at all, and was the only thing that I had experienced during this procedure.

The doctor would then give me a scalpel and then he would cut the scar.

The doctor would repeat the procedure several times until the scar was completely closed.

After the surgery, my doctors would take the scar and remove it from my eyes.

They would then put it back together.

This process took a week.

My eyes were very sore and I could not even see my reflection.

After a week of pain, the doctors said that it was time to have a follow-up procedure.

My eyes were sore again and I was given the option of a repeat surgery.

The doctors were very nice and said that I could have it done again or I could opt to have the scar reattached.

I chose the second option.

During the follow-ups, I asked about my eye, which I was assured was perfectly fine.

I also asked about the other eye, as it was bleeding profusely and I had very little left.

They told me that my other eye had to be reattach the rest of my eyelid.

I said that was fine, but if I had to have that scar reattach, then I would not be able to see.

They said that my eye was fine and that they would send me to a specialist.

I told them that my eyelids were very small, and that I would be fine.

I was informed that my doctor was about to give me the injection.

I could feel my heartbeat through my eyelashes, but I did not know if it was real or not.

I then started crying and sobbing uncontrollably.

I could not breathe.

I did what any other normal person would do when they were feeling so helpless and miserable, I grabbed my doctor and started crying.

The pain and suffering that I went through was unbearable.

As I sobbed uncontrollably, I felt like a dog.

My doctor was also crying, but he was not angry.

He was just crying and he said, “Just try to stay calm and stay focused on what is going on, Dr. Watson.

It will get better.”

My tears started to run so quickly that I started to sweat.

The tears would continue to stream down my face until my eyelash veins were red.

I thought that my tears would fall out, but they did not.

When I tried to remove my eyelashing veins, my tears still ran down my cheeks.

I asked the doctor, “What is going to happen to me if I keep crying?”

He answered, “I’ll just take it out again.”

The tears were still coming out.

A nurse came in and put me into a room and gave me some medication.

I started getting dizzy and my eyes started to sting.

I lost my balance and fell to the floor.

I tried getting up, but it was too late.

I felt that the entire world was falling out of my eyes and I collapsed on the floor in a pool of my own tears.

The nurse helped me to my feet and then left.

I woke up a few hours later, had a bad headache, and vomited blood.

The next day, I went to the doctor to get an x-ray.

The x-rays showed a very large scar on my left eyelid and I did a CT scan.

The scan showed that there was a large scar and it was connected to a very small artery.

The surgeon was very upset.

He told me I would have to go to a different specialist and that he would have no way of knowing if my eye would be scarred again.

I cried uncontrollably and told the nurse that I did want to go back to the hospital and have the surgery done again.

The nurses helped me through the surgery.

I went home

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