The patient who went into cardiac arrest is one of the first patients in the country to receive a life-saving surgery.

Dr. Martin Nissens surgery on June 12th was performed on the man who suffered cardiac arrest following a surgery in November, and his father has just released the news of the successful operation.

The father and son were at the hospital that day to receive the first surgery of its kind.

Nissens, who is the director of cardiac surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, was able to remove his own heart valve, which is part of the heart muscle.

This was done with the help of a device that was implanted into the patient’s chest.

The device is connected to a computer and is programmed to perform the surgery as needed.

Nisseens wife, Kaitlin, who was in the hospital, said the surgery was a blessing for both the patient and her husband.

She said, “It was very scary to watch this man fall, but I couldn’t be happier with what we were able to do.

He is very grateful.”

Nissen said,”The last two days have been amazing, but the surgery itself was the best part of my job.

We had so much optimism that we would be able to complete the surgery and save the man’s life.”

Nissees son, Jordan, was also able to undergo surgery.

He had the device implanted in his chest.

He said,””We were all really excited about it.

I was excited about how it was going to work, and I just remember thinking how much I loved the hospital.””

I just remember getting a little excited and excited to go into surgery because I thought that would be the only time I would see my dad and see the doctor.

I didn’t really realize how much he would love this, because it is such a small surgery.””

Dr. Nisseens father said, “”We had a great team at the hospitals and a very supportive family.

We all had so many memories of my dad.

I would just be in awe of what he was doing and the technology he was using.””

Nisses son said,I will be able the next day, and we will talk about it a lot.

“Jordan Nissees heart valve has been replaced with a catheter, which allows for easier access to his heart.

He was discharged from the hospital on July 5th.