An Australian surgeon’s idea to treat the most common types of surgical wound is getting some serious backing from medical professionals.

Key points:Dr Mark Hirst says he hopes to develop a novel drug that is more effective than current drugsHe says he has tested the new drug and is working on a clinical trialIt could also be used in the UKThe drug would target the growth of blood clots, which cause heart attacks and strokes.

The drugs are being developed by Dr Mark Haughton, who works for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

His team has been studying how the drug could be used to treat wounds caused by blood clotting.

“I’ve been researching and testing the use of drugs that have been shown to be effective at preventing the spread of blood clotting disease,” Dr Haught said.

“So we’re doing this on a much more experimental basis, and looking at some of the existing drugs that are currently available.”

And the most effective of those are currently drugs that only do about 30 per cent of the treatment.

“What I’m trying to do is find a drug that actually does the same thing, and I’m working with a clinical team here to make sure we’re able to test it, test it and get a clinical study going, so we can then see how effective it is and see how it works in humans.”

Dr Haughth said he was interested in developing a new drug that was more effective and safer than current blood clopid, which has shown some promising results.

“The problem with blood clog is it is very slow-acting and it can spread, and that’s why it’s so hard to treat,” he said.

Dr Houghton said he had tested the drug on animals, and was hopeful that it would be able to treat some of these types of wounds, including those caused by the clotting factor.

“We’ve been testing it on rabbits and pigs, and the rabbits have shown a very rapid improvement in their wound healing,” he explained.

“They have a good response to the drug, they’re able a little bit quicker to heal, and they can recover quicker.”

Our animal studies have also been showing some very good results on people, and there’s been a real response in the clinical trials so far.

“In the clinical trial we’re looking at a trial of the drug in the United Kingdom, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able [to] do a trial in the country of the United States in the near future.”

That’s what I’m really hoping to do, because we need to be looking at clinical trials and getting trials done before we’re really sure that this is the drug that will be able and effective for people who are at risk of blood congestion, or clotting.

“Dr Paul Higgs said the drug’s potential to treat people who have suffered from clotting disorders was exciting.”

There’s been some studies that have shown that the drug works very well in the majority of cases, and when it does work, it’s effective in only about 10 per cent to 15 per cent,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

This is a great drug for the vast majority of people that are not clotting and have good health.

“Dr James Dickson said it was a good idea to test new drugs on animals before they were put into humans, so that researchers could get a better understanding of how the drugs would work.”

If it works for a particular group of people, it would help us make better recommendations about the drug to use for that group,” he advised.”

It’s a good way of testing drugs before they’re put into the hands of patients and getting some data on what the potential benefit is and then making recommendations on how to best use the drug for people.

“Dr Chris Jones said it would also be great to get some good feedback from patients.”

You want to know what the experience is like, and you want to get people that have had surgery or who have had their wound treated, so I think it’s an opportunity for us to really hear what they think about the treatment,” he added.

Dr Paul Hughes said it might be too early to know if the drug would work in people, but it was an exciting opportunity for doctors to investigate new treatment options.”

When you think about it, the most successful therapies are ones that are proven and have been proven to be safe and effective, and so we really want to be able see if this is something that’s worth investigating and doing clinical trials on,” he suggested.


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