When you get an infected surgical wound, the chances of your skin getting infected are high.

There are two types of surgical masks that can help remove the infection: a mask made of glass, and a mask that is made from surgical tubing.

To remove the infected tube, you need to use the “Surgical Mask” tool.

However, if you need a bigger version of the surgical mask, you can also use the surgical tube version.

To remove the tube, use the tool and press the “F” button until it disappears.

Press the “L” button again to remove the patient’s tube.

Once the tube is gone, you should be able to see a little orange “S” mark on the patient.

To be safe, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before using the tool.

When you’re ready to get the patient out of the tube and into the operating room, just turn on the operating table and use the mask.

The tube should stay in place until the surgeon says to put the patient back on the tube.

You can then remove the surgical tubes mask and let the patient rest in the operating suite.

This procedure is usually only required in a surgical room with a few patients.

After surgery, you’ll be able see the tube being removed, so it’s a good idea to get some extra time to get used to it.