How to create a surgical mask from black surgical gloves and surgical instruments, a process that’s known as black surgical glove fabrication.

Read more about the surgical glove manufacturing process.

For the black surgical gauntlet, a surgical glove is made from a piece of medical grade surgical gloves, and then the glove is cut and polished to create the black gauntlet.

The process requires black surgical equipment, black surgical instruments and black surgical tools, according to a white website.

Here’s how the surgical gauntlets can be made.

First, the surgical gloves are cut and the gauntlet is then shaped to fit the shape of the surgical instrument, said the website.

Then, a band of surgical material is applied to the surgical tool, which forms the band.

The band is then rolled onto the surgical tools body.

Finally, a hole is drilled in the surgical band to allow the surgical instruments surgical tools to enter the surgical gear.

The gauntlet becomes the surgical mask.

Read the full story on Business Insider here.

The black surgical tool is then carefully fitted into the surgical equipment to create an artificial hand, said Dr. John Whelan, chief surgical officer at The Institute for Surgical Equipment.

The surgical mask is then placed on the surgical hand and the surgical operator uses a surgical knife to cut the surgical device out of the hand.

The surgical knife is then used to remove the surgical knife from the surgical material.

The process is repeated for each surgical instrument that will be used during surgery.

It takes between three and five hours, depending on the size of the gauntlets, and is completed in under 24 hours, said Whelans website.

Dr. Whelen said the process takes between one and four hours.

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