I had a very bad flu and went to a hospital for surgery.

As a patient, I was very thankful to have a surgeon at the hospital.

He was very gentle and patient with me and took care of me.

I didn’t feel like I was alone at the operating table.

As I left the hospital, I realized how important it is to have someone who is caring, and I am glad I did. 

The medical community needs more doctors who are willing to take on patients.

Medical school graduates are often referred to as the “front line” for the care of people who have been through a traumatic experience.

This can be traumatic for some people, but it also can be extremely difficult to find and mentor a surgeon who is not afraid to talk to and understand people who may have had similar experiences.

I was also grateful to the surgeon who took care to make sure I got to the hospital early, and that the nurse who was helping me was also very understanding and caring.

I am not a medical student.

But I know how difficult it is for people who are in the medical field to be referred to by someone who has not been through the trauma of what has happened to them, and this experience made it all worth it.

If you are going to have an operation and you don’t know who to turn to, you will most likely not know anyone who can help.

I had the opportunity to see a lot of people, and they were all very kind, caring, generous, and wonderful.

But, most of them didn’t know anything about surgery.

The only way I could have saved myself from having my spine removed was if someone had helped me.

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